Time… place and life, each has its own unique colors. 

 But is it possible to express them in a single word? 

 Especially in this life filled with various colors. 

 In the midst of daily mundane lives, your thoughts and values still shine bright in own unique colors, seperated from others. 

 We want to break away from the standards roughly set at someone’s convenience, for the life we love, the values we seek, and the directions we face. 

 The same old colors set by others… those can’t be ours. 

 We must find our colors. What is the name of your color? 

 Where do you want your color to be painted? 

 We support these who are looking for their own colors. 

 I am not them. 

Navy is not blue.

 당신의 컬러는 무엇으로 불리고 있나요. 

 그리고 당신의 컬러는 어디에 칠해지고 있나요. 


자신의 색을 찾아가는 사람들을 응원합니다. 

 네이비는 그저 푸른 색이 아닙니다.